We condemn the Goodluck regime’s sponsored invasion of the National Secretariat of the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, in Abuja by thugs and the police on Friday, 7/1/12. This confirms the desperation of the government and shows how low they can go towards maintaining the attacks on the lives of the Nigerian people and how desperate they are to maintain the current fuel price increment. Already this action is being condemned globally.

The thugs stormed the NLC office in the morning under the protection of soldiers and police officers.

However, the fascist attack collapsed on its own accord reflecting the extreme weakness of the government and the Nigerian elites, which it is representing.

Not only did the pro-government attack fail, the thugs turned against each other and the organizers. Many of the elements recruited for the terror attack declared that the sponsors did not inform them that they were going to the NLC. They said they were promised N1, 000.00 (about $6.00) for the operation.

In addition, many of those recruited for the job apologized to the union officials.

The intentions of the state was further defeated as the attack provoked more protests in support of the impending general strike and against the inhuman fuel price increment in Abuja.

There have been continuous protests in Nigeria since the Goodluck regime increase petrol price since Jan 1 2012.

The two trade union centers in Nigeria NLC & TUC along with Pro-Labour organizations organized around the Joint Action Front (JAF) have since declare an indefinite general strike to commence Monday 9 2012.

This attack is an attempt to undermine this growing movement & its failure reflects the strength of the movement.

The crude attempt to stop the strike by the courts is also failing. The government obtained a rigged court order to the strike on hold. No doubt, the Nigerian masses cannot order the ‘law’ when the government itself remains lawless.

We equally condemn the attempt by the regime to undermine the movement by playing the ethnic and religious card.

It is quite important that the international working class movement must declare solidarity with the Nigerian masses.

However, all hands must be on deck towards making the Jan 9 2012 indefinite General Strike succeeds. Committees of Actions need to be set up nationally and decision must be taken democratically. Maintain and intensify the pressure on the union leaderships to guard against betrayal.


Say NO to fuel price increment!

Reverse Back to N65.00 per Liter of Petrol!

Implement the N18,000.00 Minimum Wage Nationally!

No to School Fees Hikes & for FREE Education at all levels!